The Withers Winery: Teaming Up with Equestrian Aid

It's often been said that our horses are members of the family, and Andrew and Kathleen Tow offer no exception. In fact, when they founded The Withers Winery in 2013, Kathleen's dressage mount Mr. Burgess trotted his way right onto the label. Mind you, this is not some average winery with a horsey theme; the Tows' wines have been touted in The Wall Street Journal and praised by the toughest critics in the industry.

You can read the Tows' story in the February issue of The Plaid Horse, but for Equestrian Aid, the story continued when TPH's Liz Davoll introduced us to the Tows, who were interested in giving something back to the horse world. Needless to say, we were thrilled to connect!

To support Equestrian Aid, The Withers has embedded a discount code on its website that entitles shoppers to 15% off their wines. The winery will also donate an additional 15% of all coded sales back to the Equestrian Aid Foundation. 

So we invite you to visit The Withers Winery. Browse, buy great wine, and when you check out, add the promotional code EAF (case sensitive). It's just that easy.

By participating, you'll get to enjoy great wine while also making it possible for Equestrian Aid to continue our mission of helping horse people in need. We all win by taking part. 

Cheers to that!