Equestrian Aid volunteers play a vital role in helping improve the lives of equestrians in need        

If you have helped to create an event, assisted grant recipients, interfaced with donors and other supporters, or assisted with the day-to-day running of the Foundation, we thank you!

To become a volunteer, please check out our Ambassador program opportunities or email contact@equestrianaid.org. There are many ways to get involved, and your talents will make a real difference!

Our heartfelt appreciation goes to:

Danielle Anderson Dr. Michael Kohl Stacey Galloway
Jill Anderson Beny Konstantinova Kirstie Tindall
Leslie Andriola  Nora Kornheisl Mario Vidal
Tom Andriola  Bill Landesman Jamie Summerside
Linda Andrisani  Nick Larson Ian Summerside
Jimena Carvajal  Lisa Lewis Dianne Gorbach
Emily Cleland  Brian Lookabill Nanci Smith
Carolyn Davey  Jacquie McCutchan Sue Kolstead
Louisa Davidson  Lauren Mereck Cheryl Wyllie
Mandy Debord  Susan Lewis Miller Bobbi Badgley
Sally Dininny  Katherine Milner Hieronymus Nina Giessler
Jennifer Drahan  Abimael Miranda Holly Chaney
Guillermo Forero  Marissa Moriello Mike Pineo
Valentina Forero  Kerri O'Connell Shane Clark
Cherise Gasper  Caroline Orsini Peggy Clark
Sophie Ghedin   Kressa Peterson Ashley Ouellette
Janise Gray  Brandon Propst Skip Ouellette
Marlene Gray Brett Raflowitz Jacquie McCutchan
Kirsten Hahn  Tracy Raflowitz Linda McNeely
Sydney Hahn  Antonio Ramirez Verne Rigall
Torrey Hardison  Joann Rawn Brandon Ray
Walter Hieronymus  Luis Rodriguez Raymond Giessler
Carla Higbee  Julie Ross  Brittni Raflowitz
Katherine Hobbs  Kelly Ross  
Debbielou Houdek  Mary Ann Simonds  
Jesse Hughes  Kara Jo Stevens  
Nora Janssen  Nappy Tranter  
Nancy Jennings Kiki Umla  
Maria Juyant  Marcel van der Burgh  
Sophia Juyant  Nora Vanegas  
Andrea Knox  Denise West  
Dan Tyrie     Meribeth White