A Culture of Equestrian Safety


The Equestrian Aid Foundation IS COMMITTED TO PROMOTING SAFE riding and horse handling practices.

While Equestrian Aid's mission is to assist critically injured and ill equestrians, one of our key goals is to promote a culture of equestrian safety that will encourage horse people to stay healthy and whole so that they do not need our assistance.


Estimates for the number of the horseback riders in the United States vary widely - up to 30 million people.* Even at lower estimates,  there are also countless numbers of individuals in equine-related professions - creating a huge population that shares a common risk as well as passion when they share their lives with horses.

When horses and humans interact, accidents can occur simply because of a horse's size, a momentary distraction, human-horse miscommunication, tack or equipment issues, an unsound or unhealthy horse, or a simply a rider's decision to "go for it". Even for the most experienced equestrians, "a horse is always a horse" and can be unpredictable when spooked or under pressure. Horses can reach over 35 mph when their inherent instinct for "flight" kicks in. They can trip or fall, kick or bite. Injuries happen. Besides the pain and heartache of injuries, accidents affect the horse industry. Professionals can lose valuable time and income when recovering from injury.

Reading about horse-related injuries is uncomfortable. Experiencing an injury can be catastrophic. Knowledge, prevention - and sometimes just a healthy reminder - can make all of the difference.

Working with leading industry experts, Equestrian Aid will bring you the latest information on equestrian safety topics, practices and technology. Topics will range from safety on the ground and in the saddle to your own and your horse's health and soundness.

Whether you are a rider, groom, farrier, trainer, practitioner or an observer who simply enjoys petting or being near a horse,  please share our goal to make equestrian safety second nature to all members of the horse world.

Together, we can make a difference! Please stay tuned.


*West Bend Mutual Insurance company and other sources.