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Apply for aid


The Equestrian Aid Foundation provides needs-based grant support to equestrians from all corners of the horse world who have suffered catastrophic injury or illness and need a helping hand to pay for basic ongoing personal living and rehabilitative expenses.

Based on a review of each applicant's personal, financial and medical circumstances, Equestrian Aid may provide grant support ranging from $500.00 to $13,200 per year for up to three (3) years according to Foundation guidelines. Grant requests are reviewed several times per year by Equestrian Aid’s Applicant Review Committee, which is comprised of Board Members and medical advisors. If approved, grant funds are typically provided on a monthly basis, but may be disbursed in a lump sum at the Applicant Review Committee's discretion. Approved grants are reviewed periodically to determine recipients’ ongoing need for aid.

The Foundation’s mission is to assist equestrians in need of a helping hand during times of crisis, so typically it is not possible to cover all applicant expenses or to maintain a lifestyle.


Applicants may be adults or children of any age who are involved in the equestrian community as an amateur or professional in any discipline or equine-related profession.

The Foundation considers an illness or injury to be catastrophic when it is life changing or threatening and the applicant can no longer cover his or her basic living expenses for a permanent or temporary period of time.

Expenses that the Equestrian Aid Foundation may cover include: Documented living expenses such as mortgage/rent, utilities, food, telephone, vehicle and transportation costs, and health insurance premiums. Prescribed medical care such as medications, nursing, traditional and alternative therapies, and current medical procedures and treatments approved by the Foundation’s Applicant Review Committee. Other expenses are approved at the discretion of the Applicant Review Committee. The Equestrian Aid Foundation’s mission is to provide a helping hand to horse people in a time of need, so typically it is not possible to cover all qualifying applicant expenses or to maintain a lifestyle.


To mail, fax or email a printed application, download and complete the application below.

After your preliminary application is reviewed, you will be contacted. If you meet our criteria, a complete Application for Assistance will be provided that specifies additional required personal, financial and medical documentation.

If you have any questions, please contact Equestrian Aid’s Director of Grant Recipient Services at or by telephone: 908.803.1535 or 800.792.6068.

Apply for Aid