Disaster Relief Fund


The Equestrian Aid Foundation’s Disaster Relief Fund exists to assist equestrian communities in crisis due to unforeseen and dire circumstances, such as those created by natural disasters or other events unpreventable through reasonable cautionary measures.

With community support, we can take immediate action to ensure the basic wellbeing and/or survival of those affected. Like all monetary donations to the Equestrian Aid Foundation, donations made to the DRF are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.



One hundred percent of donated funds will be directly allocated to relief efforts. Our partnerships will not fund the overhead of other businesses or organizations doing relief work.




In response to natural or unforeseen disaster, funds will be used to help meet the urgent and immediate needs of equestrians within, or evacuated from, devastated areas. Please note that donations to the Disaster Relief Fund cannot be designated to a specific entity or person at the donor’s request. Rather, the Board of Directors will utilize the foundation’s vast network of organizations, equestrians, and equine professionals across the United States to determine how funds can most effectively serve the equestrian communities of geographic areas in crisis.
Disaster Relief funds will not be disbursed to cover the overhead of other organizations providing relief or to provide assistance that can be more appropriately provided by a traditional grant from the Equestrian Aid Foundation.