Make A Bequest

A few simple words in your will or estate plan can leave a legacy of goodwill and improve the well-being of critically ill and injured equestrians for years to come. 

There are many types of bequests depending on your estate and charitable objectives. 



Options for Making a Bequest of Funds: 

You can create a specific bequest that names the Equestrian Aid Foundation as the benefit of a designated amount of funds from your estate. This can be as easy as stating

I give and devise to the Equestrian Aid Foundation, located in Wellington, FL, the sum of $_________ to be used for its general support.          

A bequest of funds can also be made on a residual basis after your estate expenses and other bequests are fulfilled, on a percentage basis of the value of your estate, or on a contingent basis if one or more of your bequests to loved ones or other beneficiaries cannot be fulfilled or are no longer needed.

Bequests of Other Assets:

Your attorney or estate planer can also assist you with bequests of other items in your estate, such as:

  • Naming the Equestrian Aid Foundation a beneficiary of your life insurance policy or retirement plan  
  • Giving stocks and bonds 
  • Leaving real estate to the Foundation to be sold with the proceeds used to benefit equestrians in need


Benefits of Making a Bequest:      

Each type of bequest has different requirements and advantages, so your wishes should be thoroughly reviewed with your attorney or estate planner to ensure that your goals are met. Should your wishes or circumstances change, you can always update your plan.

If you have a taxable estate, an estate tax charitable deduction may offset or eliminate estate taxes, resulting in a larger inheritance for your heirs.

Or it may simply bring you satisfaction to know that you will be assisting equestrians in a time of crisis and helping to rebuild lives in the future.


Making a Bequest to the Equestrian Aid Foundation:

Please let us know if you are considering a bequest to the Equestrian Aid Foundation. We will be happy to answer your questions and help you to identify ways to meet your charitable objectives and assist equestrians in need.

To discuss your ideas, please contact us at


“Many times angels have come into my life during crisis, giving me hope in the darkest times. Since you have flown into my life, I have been able to exhale a bit more.” 

—Equestrian Aid grant recipient