The Equestrian Aid Foundation provides emergency, lifesaving financial grants to horsemen and women coping with loss of income due to catastrophic injury, illness or other hardship. EAF invests in the future of its recipients, giving them the resources to recover and thrive in the face of adversity.

A horse person’s life can change forever in an instant.

When equestrians or equine professionals are seriously hurt or become ill, they can lose everything: jobs, homes, financial security, independence and dignity, quality of life, and often the ability to stay involved with the horses that they love. Lives are derailed, and entire families are affected. The future can be uncertain.





Equestrian Aid has provided over $2.9 million in needs-based grant support and a promise of hope since its inception 21 years ago to breeders, farriers, grooms, riders, trainers and other members of the equestrian community who are facing life-changing or life-threatening health crises and need help to pay for basic living and rehabilitative expenses.

Knowing that you are not alone in a time of medical and financial adversity makes a difference in a life. Among horse-related nonprofits, Equestrian Aid is unique in that we support seriously ill and injured horse people of every age, from every equestrian discipline and profession, and in every walk of life. Our goal is to help an even greater number of suffering equestrians to overcome hard times and move forward with their lives. 


Please lend a helping hand today to brighten the future for a horse person struggling with hardship.