When it comes to measuring impact, numbers are important.

The Equestrian Aid Foundation has provided over $3.6 million in direct grant support to people from all corners of the horse world who have had to cope with catastrophic injuries and life-threatening illness.

We have assisted breeders, farriers, grooms, riders, trainers and other equine-related professionals in 45 states across America.

The Equestrian Aid Foundation is unique. Unlike other equestrian-related non-profits, we offer a helping hand to any member of the greater equestrian community who experiences a medical, financial and personal crisis and needs assistance with basic living and rehabilitative expenses. Today, we are investing in the future to increase our ability to improve the lives of more equestrians in need.


How do you measure the impact on a life?

Hope and healing are not measured “by the numbers.” Numbers do not capture an equestrian’s sense of comfort in knowing that he or she does not have to face overwhelming medical, personal and financial circumstances all alone. How do you measure compassion?


I have been working in a soup kitchen for over 15 years, and I now look around with a totally different perspective.

I think if not for the Equestrian Aid Foundation, there but for the grace of God go I.

Again and again, I want to say thanks so much. Not just for the financial aid but that you treat us with such dignity.

- Farrier who was seriously injured when a horse fell on him

What really matters

 Everybody who has ever been involved with horses can relate to EAF's mission. We share a passion for our large and often unpredictable equine companions. And often, by good fortune alone, we have all escaped potentially life-changing consequences of their – or our own – actions.

What really matters are the equestrians who have been less fortunate. Equestrians whose lives have changed in an instant, often through no fault of their own. Equestrians who are facing their challenges and rebuilding their lives.


Our grant recipients’ stories are all of our stories. Together, we create our impact.