24-Hour Clip-A-Thon to Support Equestrian Aid Foundation

Eventing Nation—May 27, 2020—It is no secret that the summer is looking bleak with horse shows being canceled left and right. While we adjust our summer plans, our beloved horse show staff is facing some serious uncertainty as their livelihood is ripped away from them. We owe it to every manager, groom, braider, night checker, ring steward, in gate master, and grounds keeper to support them when they need us most! Imagine running a horse show without these dedicated individuals ….

In an effort to ensure their survival, TAG Equine Services is partnering with Venture Marketing Ltd. and The Equestrian Aid Foundation to hold a 48 Hours Fundraiser starting at 10 a.m. EST on Thursday May 28th! Tim Gaskell (AKA Tim The Clipper Guy) has pledged to clip as many horses as he can — in 24 hours — because he’s insane. He has also pledged to donate 100% of his clipping fee earned in those 24 hours to EAF to support our horse show staff.

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