Following a devastating accident, financial support from EAF allowed the Wight family to find new ways to be self-sufficient. Photo courtesy of Little Rockin' Heart Dairy


When Arabian breeder Loren Wight was permanently disabled in an accident on his family-operated Rockin’ Heart Ranch, the entire family’s livelihood was in jeopardy. A grant from the Equestrian Aid Foundation enabled Loren to keep up with the medical bills, but his wife Nancy and daughter Jael had to think fast about how to continue making a living on the ranch.
Sixteen at the time of her father’s accident, Jael’s passion and expertise was managing the ranch’s goat herd. With her knowledge and her mother's marketing skills, they launched a line of handcafted, artisan goat's milk-based lotions, soaps and balms under the brand Little Rockin’ Heart Dairy.


 Jael Wight, pictured with Gertie and Zooey, creates lotions and balms that stand up to the rigors of ranch and equestrian life. Photos courtesy of Little Rockin' Heart Dairy

Blended with essential oils, goat’s milk and other highest quality natural ingredients, these luxurious products are designed to protect horsemens’ skin against the elements, from bug bites to sunburn to winter-cracked hands.

Today, Jael’s business provides a modest supplement to the family’s income. Nancy credits its development to the support the family received from the Equestrian Aid Foundation. “Loren’s EAF grant wasn’t just a help. It was lifesaving,” she said. “Without it, there wouldn’t have even been an opportunity.”
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