Q&A: Brittni Raflowitz

Among Equestrian Aid's amazing team of volunteers is Brittni Raflowitz, a rising star in the international show jumping world and daughter of Brett and Tracy Raflowitz, owners of Equestrian Services International. All things horses--and supporting the Equestrian Aid Foundation--have been a family affair for the Raflowitzes.

Earlier this winter, we got a chance to catch up with Brittni at the Winter Equestrian Festival:


You've been a familiar face on the hunter-jumper horse show scene for years. Do you remember a life without horses?
Since I was in the womb, I've been on a horse. So for as long as I can remember it's always been horses!
Tell me about your riding life these days. Who are the key members of your team? Can you tell us a little about your string?
I went from junior straight to professional at 18 since I didn't fully own my horses and was riding for other people. The key members of my team, of course, are my parents--without them, I wouldn't be were I am. I'm really excited about my string for the circuit! My two boys Hilton VD Breepoel and Hope Van't Zorgvliet just turned 10 this year and are my top Grand Prix rides, and my two girls Baloumina Du Ry and Flipper D'or are both 14 this year. Baloumina I'm using in the FEI ranking classes and I just started Flipper back in the show ring from 2 years off trying to breed at Spy Coast Farm.
Your family and staff have a very close relationship--live together, work together, eat together, and so forth. What’s it like to have a team that's essentially like family? 
I really think having my team like a family helps tremendously. Because of our closeness, we work as a moving unit together happily and efficiently.
What do you do when you’re not riding or in the barn?
You can either find me with friends, reading, boxing... anything active really. I love skydiving!
What are you most passionate about?
I'm most passionate about the love of my horses and this amazing sport we get to do everyday. I've such a great bond with my horses that I think it makes them want to try that much harder for me.
You’re obviously a very busy person. How--and why--does philanthropy fit into all the obligations you juggle?
This sport keeps you always very busy and on your toes. For me, it's making sure my 5 horses and myself are in top form at all times. I know where I've come from and how hard it's been to get to where I am, so whenever I can give back and help out I jump at the chance.
There are so many good causes to support. Why is Equestrian Aid one you’re committed to?
In the horse community there are so many charities, but none that want to help out a fellow equestrian. I think that's what makes Equestrian Aid so great: they are there when a fellow equestrian really needs it!
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