WEF Ingate Staff "Paddock Pruners" Prune Their Heads and Beards for a Worthy Cause

Horses Daily—Mar. 29, 2019—Paddock masters Tom Carlson, Mo Duhon and Pat Duncan pledged to shave their heads and beards to raise money for the Equestrian Aid Foundation during the 2019 Winter Equestrian Festival.

Funds raised by the equestrian community during the WEF ingate staff’s Paddock Master Pruning are making an impact far and wide, as horsemen across the western states face the devastation of crippling flooding and blizzards. The Equestrian Aid Foundation is partnering with the nonprofit organization Fleet of Angels, where a portion of Pruning funds have been used to send a tractor trailer loaded with hay to a distribution center near the borders of Nebraska, Iowa and South Dakota.

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