Meet Stacey: Back In Top Form

“Our community is so lucky to have the Equestrian Aid Foundation behind us. We have a special resource to fall back on to pick up the pieces.”

 From the race track to the grand prix ring, Stacey Small is known as a pioneer in the field of holistic horse care. Her herbal liniment Sore No-More is a staple in barn aisles around the globe, and for over two decades TheHolistic Horse Magazine, which she co-publishes, has been a trusted resource for professionals and pet owners alike.

In 2012, Stacey faced a series of nagging health concerns. Engrossed in her research, it wasn’t until her leg fractured that she sought more definitive answers. Doctors found her bones were covered with tumors and lesions—the result of multiple myeloma, a rare cancer of the blood plasma.


The treatment, intensive chemotherapy and stem cell transplant, left her incapacitated for a year, unable on most days even to get out of bed. Physically, emotionally and financially depleted, Stacey asked the Equestrian Aid Foundation for help.  What she found was a group of fellow horse people prepared to support her both financially and in spirit.

With a monthly stipend and a renewed sense of hope, Stacey focused her attention on integrating holistic therapies into her doctors’ treatment regimen—an approach that expedited her return to health.

Five years later, Stacey is in remission and continues to support and educate those who care for horses. Our generous donors—fellow horse people who helped Stacey return to top form—bring this story full circle.